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Urban Scale projects

Our approach to Urban scale projects comprises careful interventions with an emphasis on the ground-plane experience, and the sensory perception of the projects by the users.


We are sensitive to existing site contexts, while believing in the context-making potential of new projects.

Ho K. Sung Architect is a full service firm offering design services in urban design and architecture with an emphasis on detailed design, which enhances the human experience.



Nuit Blanche-OAA exhibition: September 29, 2012


'Small Interventions / Maximum Effect'


Architecture has traditionally been a resource, labour and time intensive activity, often resulting in lengthy deliberations and inertia against action.


As an alternative model, we are proposing to make interventions more responsive by making the actions 'small', but cumulative and strategic, which will maximize the final results.


Two examples are shown to illustrate this principle:


  •            Temporary collapsible pavilions are proposed, that may be readily deployed to support various community programs, and also to serve in community exercises in 'place-making', that may be used as catalysts for future developments.


  •            The 'small Intervention' strategy may also be applied to large scale problems.  To resolve the disconnected street patterns of typical North American suburbs, we propose acquiring strategically located bits of property to 'thread' new streets and foot paths through them, in order to establish new permanent connections to the City at large.






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Proposal: Suburban repair - Strategically acquire key properties for new street connections